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Top quality and service will be the tradition of Boondocker Equipment for as long as our doors are open. Our extra steps in assuring proper workmanship earns us a solid reputation for reliability, strength and trust. Whether you're a homeowner, small business, corporation, or municipality -we have the top of the line products, superior experience, and the ambition to deliver the best quality to fit your needs. Sustaining our respected reputation will continue to be the hallmark of our company.

Plow Install

When plowing with a dually, it is crucial to have a plow that is wide enough to clear a path for the rear wheels to follow. If the plow is too narrow, the outside wheels will run over snow causing ice. Also when using a plow that is too narrow, the truck risks scraping snowbanks, trees, or other obstacles when plowing into a turn. A good rule of thumb is to never use any plow smaller than an 8-1/2' straight blade or a 9-1/2' V Plow. This 2000 Ford F-350 will be pushing a used 9-1/2' Western UltraMount MVP+ around New Jersey. Do you plow with a dual wheeled truck?

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